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An Impartial View of College Essay Free Samples

An Impartial View of College Essay Free Samples The bulk of the essay employs standard English and English grammar. Read the directions carefully and determine the size, format, and type of the application you're likely to write. Thus, the essay is supposed to coincide with the applicant's qualities and interests in order for it to boost the possibilities of admission. Your college essay should contain information that relate to the instruction offered to you. College Essay Free Samples Help! Click the category, and you'll see all the available samples. More frequently than not, deadlines for submitting applications are almost always short which makes many possible applicants worry they will not have the capability to submit their sample essay for MBA application punctually. Since you are interested in getting the essay to communicate the very best information about you, you have to do thorough preparation for the sample college admission essays to attain its purposes. The essay does not have any grammatical errors, and a few of the short, punchy phrases reveal a high degree of rhetorical sophistication. Up in Arms About College Essay Free Samples? Aside from the true procedure for formulating an essay, there are likewise some requisite steps for the entire essay writing process to be a success. A thesis statement functions as a guide, on which the remainder of the paper is hinged on. If you've got an assignment deadline coming up and you are concerned that you won't be in a position to finish your task, don't hesitate to order a paper. You also understand how to transition from 1 section of the paper to another. Lies You've Been Told About College Essay Free Samples If you genuinely desire to acquire admission in a particular college, the College Scholarship Essay Examples can help you in your essay that will demonstrate your desire to engage in a college education. Thus, State University isn't only the ideal location for me, it is the sole location for me. Upcoming college students might also be requested to compose a college essay for a component of their first requirements. There are students that are pursuing their courses in the many Universities and Colleges of the planet. College application essay, is a significant aspect as it assists the panel, pick the best students that show the proper kind of motivation, for placement into a few of their programs. Professor Mitchell obtained a grant to have a category of students to Belgium as a way to study the EU. In addition to its growing cultural and ethnic diversity, State University is turning into a master at developing a niche for each student. If you're capable of writing a coherent story whilst jumping from 1 paragraph to another during the creative procedure, that's also fine. An essay is significantly more than only a good thesis statement, a couple paragraphs in its entire body and a conclusion. Our admission essay examples can prove that we're here in order to provide simply the ideal assistance to assure you which you submit an application essay you can be confident in. Evidently, the entire essay writing procedure is very time intensive and tedious. One of the most difficult features of college life is finances. Such a situation in the marketplace is anticipated, for each business has to earn money. As a consequence, spending money to deal with your essays might be challenging. As a consequence, you get an excellent deal of free time and completed homework. The aforementioned sample of the persuasive essay is likely to assist you in writing your college essay assignments punctually. What's important is whether you can craft a wonderful essay. If you are in need of a well-crafted essay, then you can count on us to deliver. Despite exceptional grades, a poorly written essay provides you with a poor name. It is essential that we shine in the duration of our essay. In your essays, you may use various approaches. Stephen's essay is rather effective. Before you commence writing your college essay, you may choose to see the essay examplesA that we've listed for you, so that you may have more idea on what things to put in the college essay which you will create. An amazing essay is a wonderful illustration demonstrating your understanding abilities. Philosophy is about different theories used to refer to the essence of human thoughts, the essence of the universe and the correlation between them both.

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Da Vinci A Man Of Science - 1608 Words

Leonardo Da Vinci was a man well known for his amazing artwork but not many know that he was also a man of science. Da Vinci was not just an artist he was also an architect, inventor, a naturalist, geologist, an engineer, and an anatomist. He was given the name â€Å"Renaissance man† because of his intellect. Da Vinci was born in Anchiano, Tuscany (which today is known as Italy) on April 15, 1452 until his death on May 2, 1519. When Da Vinci was young his parents were never married to one another. His mother, Caterina Da Vinci was a pheasant while his father, Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci was an attorney and notary. He was the only child the two had together. In Da Vinci’s early career he was never given the proper basic education so by†¦show more content†¦Paintings he made were very precise in detail because he took great pride into getting the landscapes, rocks, etc. to look just right so he never wanted to miss anything. Da Vinci thought that the most powerful force in nature was the movement of water, especially rivers. To Da Vinci, water is a very significant resource that has sculpted landscapes to create its astonishing features over long periods of time (Jones, 2011). He went walking out atop the appellation mountains and what he saw made him surprised because he saw complete beauty in the geographical detail. And that wasn’t all that captured his attention up on the mountains; so did the remains of fossilized prehistoric sea creatures (Birx, n.d.). Fossils caught the attention of Da Vinci because when he first witnessed them he wondered how it was possible for forces on earth to be able to create such a rock. He then realized that what these rocks contained were actually once living organisms that used to swim in the prehistoric sea. Confirmation of this discovery came from one of his secret journals called the Codex Leicester in which he wrote in, between 1504 and 1510. Da Vinci figured out the truth behind fossils due to the fact that the body of the fossil showed evidence of the organisms’ activity. What he did to prove his finding was to use what he already knew about living animals and plug them in to confirm what he learned or was learning about fossils. The

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The Theory Of The Prophet Muhammad - 917 Words

Introduction In exploring the questions of how certain ethicist would respond if they had the choice of stealing food to give to a starving child, it s important to draw from a thorough and broad spectrum of philosophers in order to explore the experiment fully. In trying to obtain the broadest set of hypothetical opinions we ll look at the reasoning of al-Ghazà ¢là ® from the medieval period, Immanuel Kant from the modern period, and finally Confucius an ancient ethical philosopher. By spanning the different centuries, cultures, and ethics of these great minds, we find three totally different approaches to answering that question. al-Ghazà ¢là ® The first ethicist chosen for this analysis is al-Ghazà ¢là ®, who as considered a divine command ethics. al-Ghazà ¢là ® s reasoning derived from not focusing on consequences on earth but what consequences one s actions would lead to in the afterlife. He believed that everyone should emulate the teaches of the Prophet Muhammad as a model of behav ior. Another interesting aspect of al-Ghazà ¢là ® s ethics where that a person shouldn t try to avoid the less than desirable facets of human nature but to work on controlling them (Griffel, 2016). Faced with the prospect of stealing food to give to a starving child, al-Ghazà ¢là ® would most likely agree that this was okay. Not only is it a well known fact that part of the Muslim faith requires those able to feed the hungry, but it is the fact that he held such close regard for the Prophet Muhammad sShow MoreRelatedDebating the Takeover After the Death of the Prophet Mohammad1370 Words   |  6 Pageswe know after the death of Prophet Mohammad, the Muslim community turned into disorder and people started to wonder what would happen now that he is dead as it was understood that he was the last to come in prophets’ chain and there will be no one coming after him. Many debates began about who should take over all the responsibilities he had as he was the spiritual, legal, political and military leader of the community, so in other words, the debates were whether Muhammad had already appointed a successorRead MoreIslam : A Religion Of Hatred And Crime1018 Words   |   5 Pagesapproximately 1.57 billion Muslims in the world today. The origin of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, and beliefs of Islam affect how Islam is being taught and viewed today. Islam originated 610 AD in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Throughout time there are many stories and legends on how Islam sprung. According to the Quran it declares, that the holy book of Islam was brought down by angel Gabriel from Allah. Angel Gabriel gave the holy book to Prophet Muhammad. To prove this, the Quran states, this is a revelation from theRead MoreThe Differences Between Christianity And Christianity1567 Words   |  7 Pagescomparison in these three faiths. The figure of Muhammad in the Muslim faith is known to non-muslims as the founder of the islamic tradition, but to muslims is the last prophet sent to earth by God. The figure of Moses is the most important prophet in Judaism. The figure of Jesus also known as the Messiah in christianity is viewed as the son of God who was sent down to earth to redeem every human soul. It is important to note that these three prophets are acknowledged in all three religions as messengersRead MoreThe Lives Of Muhammad By Kecia Ali875 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction The lives of Muhammad by Kecia Ali is a modern book that describes the way the life of the prophet has been told by past authors. It looks at the manner in which he lived his life and some of the decisions that he made. However, many other authors who have written about the life of Prophet Muhammad but Kecia Ali bring out the unspoken perspective that many people hardly notice. She shies away from describing the truth spoken by anti-Muslims and Muslims alike. On the contrary, she analysesRead MoreIslam Change over Time Essay1324 Words   |  6 Pagessignificant worldwide movements in history. Beginning as the faith of a small community of believers in Arabia in the seventh century, Islam rapidly became one of the major world religions. The core beliefs and culture of this faith is the belief that Muhammad (570-632), a respected businessman in Mecca, a commercial and religious center in western Arabia, received revelations from God that have been preserved in the Quran. The core of I slam remains the same today after 1396 years. Islam still translatesRead MoreIslam: The Second Largest Religion in the World872 Words   |  3 PagesIslam is given by its founder, Muhammad. One of the oldest religions in the world, there are a variety of theories of how exactly Islam was started. To look for the start of Islam in a sacred event, it would most likely be the Night of Power. However, ask any Muslim and they will say that Islam was created when God created the universe and made the first human beings along with it, Adam and Eve. However, the true origins of Islam begin with Muhammad, a prophet or messenger sent by god. He isRead MoreThe Following Are The Primary Sources Of Shariah Law Essay1175 Words   |  5 PagesThe following are the Primary Sources of Shariah Law: 1. The Holly Quran - Quran is the word of Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) through Angel Jebriil (a.s) both as words and meanings in chains, thus Quran is the primary source of Islamic Law. 2. Sunnah – Sunnah is the second most authoritative source for Shariah and Sunnah means the deeds, sayings and approvals of prophet Mohammed (s.a.w). 3. Ijma – Third most source of Islamic sharia meaning consensus of rules of law that are derivedRead MorePilgrimage to the Prophet Muhammad’s Grave Essay795 Words   |  4 Pages The Prophet Muhammad died in 632 CE. He was believed to be the Seal of the Prophets, meaning the last prophet; therefore his grave is a very sacred place (A Concise Introduction to World religions, 210-215). Visiting the Prophet’s grave is a controversial issue. Scholars have different perspectives on traveling to his grave, each based on the Islamic Law, shari’ah. Al-Nawawi and Bin Baz each have differing yet similar rulings on the proper way of Pilgrimaging to the Prophets place of burial. AbdRead MoreIslam : A Unique Religion1208 Words   |  5 PagesIslam is a unique religion that was founded by a prophet named Muhammad in the 7th century. The religion came at a time when various religions such as Judaism, Christians and other polytheistic religions dominated. The previous religions managed to coexist and even share common grounds such as the Ka’aba. Both Islam and Christian religions were based off of tradition and customs from the tribe’s fathers before them. Their religious customs ran rapid throughout the Mediterranean and especially inRead MoreThe Second Pillar Of Islam Essay1395 Words   |  6 Pageshave never been created since it is tied into when Muhammad fled Mecca. Then the fourth pillar of fasting is never created either because it is tied into the Muslim lunar calendar, which would have never started if Muhammad did not have to leave Mecca. So the whole reasoning behind the fourth pillar of Islam in my opinion is all due to Muhammad be ing able to escape in the middle of the night because they were going to assassinate him. The Prophet was, however, so conscious of the public deposits

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North free essay sample

Something Corporates latest CD, North, has been said to be a complete turn around from their last three albums. Not only does North show how talented the band is musically and lyrically, this was recorded with no added studio effects so it has the feel and flavor of a live show. North displays Something Corporates sophisticated songwriting skills and is focused around emotive, heartfelt lyrics. It is easy to see how their lyrics have matured since earlier albums. Their sound has mellowed from the combination of punk and pop to a softer, melodic rock. Even though their overall style has mellowed, their lyrics have been described as both a darker and more mature approach to songwriting. With verses like There you go for the last time, I finally know now what I should have known then that I could still be ruthless if you let me, Ruthless illustrates how this album is based on the hard and depressing times everyone faces. We will write a custom essay sample on North or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Along with the real-life stories they have included, they also take other routes. In Me and the Moon, the band paints a picture of the miserable life of a married couple, which shows the more creative and dark side of SoCos music. Something Corporate has never claimed to be any one type of band, and they definitely have a style all their own. They have been classified as punk rock, emotive, modern-rock, pop and many other styles through the years. According to their website, the members of the band have described this album as being not emo, not punk, just rock. North displays the many talents of the group. Something Corporate is known as the Rock Music Melting Pot and this latest album shows this precisely. It is an incredible mix of musical talent, great instrumentals, heartfelt and vivid lyrics, and fantastic vocals that makes for an awesome album. No matter what genre you listen to, you are sure to find North a favorite.

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Research design Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches

Case Study Case study is a research method that is usually employed when the researcher might be interested in conducting an explorative study but not prescriptive study. In the research method, the researcher could be free to explore and tackle issues as they arise. This means that the method is flexible, which means that the researcher could address broad questions before tackling narrower questions.Advertising We will write a custom proposal sample on Research design: Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The method is focuses on the context of the study implying that it employs the technique of thick description. This strategy helps in bridging the gap between the theoretical study and actual practice, which allows canvassers to offer a comparison of data (Seglin 2003, p. 8). However, the method is believed to be weak because it is too subjective. This means that the results n either could be evaluated nor could be implemented since they are the views of the researcher. Furthermore, the method is too expensive since the researcher would have to stay with the researched in order to study their behaviour. This study cannot employ the case study method because of the ethical issues. Since this is an academic research, reliability, sensitivity and issues related to biasness are to be considered seriously before proceeding to collect data (Kothari 2004, p. 71). Interview Interviewing is considered one of the effective ways of collecting data in any research design. However, a number of issues restrict the use of the method. Interview guides enables sampling because the researcher can control it easily. The researcher would easily choose who to interview based on a certain criteria. Moreover, the method is effective since it permits face-to-face interaction. Face-to-face interaction allows the researcher to extract important information from the researched that could otherwise not be extracted from them. Through interviewing, the researcher would be in a position to collect critical information that would not otherwise be captured by a questionnaire. In this proposal, interview method would be employed together with the surveying method. Additionally, the researcher might choose to use visual instruments in case interviewing would be employed.Advertising Looking for proposal on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This would give valid results as compared to using survey method alone. Since the researcher would be available, he or she would ask additional questions hence acquiring additional information that would not have been captured using the questionnaire. In fact, the researcher may engage the researched in an in-depth discussion hence collecting information that is more important. This would be achieved through probing or seeking clarifications in case the researcher wo uld not understand the answers clearly. No question would be left unanswered since the researcher would ensure that the respondent answers all questions. In other words, the researcher would create enough time for the respondent to address all questions (Blumberg Schindler 2008, p. 71). In research, there is no method lacking some weaknesses. Just like all other methods, interviewing has a number of weaknesses. The method is believed to be very expensive in terms of time and resources. The researcher would be required to travel to various places in search of respondents. The method is consumes more time as compared to survey method since much time is taken to interview one respondent. Moreover, geographical features affect the method because it is impossible to reach people in some provinces, especially during rainy seasons. Finally, the method is accused of biasness because the interviewer would ask a question in a way that suggests a particular answer (Hakim 2000, p. 28). Survey Method This method would be employed in this study because it is an effective way to access a large population. In this regard, a questionnaire would be sent to various employees in various companies. Employees would be requested to give their views as regards to the position of the Chinese small firms. The technique saves time. The Proposal This proposal would take a deductive approach, which would call for the researcher to work from a known hypothesis that convergence or divergence of Chinese small companies would affect positively the economy of the country in terms of performance in the global financial system. Thus, the study would take a top down approach as compared to the inductive approach that would take an up down strategy. To realize the use of deductive approach, quantitative tools of data collection and analysis such as questionnaires and interviews would be used. Quantitative tools would be preferred as opposed to qualitative tools because they would enable the resea rcher to come up with facts, such as a hypothesis that convergence or divergence of Chinese small companies would affect the economy positively in terms of performance globally.Advertising We will write a custom proposal sample on Research design: Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This would enable the researcher to test and confirm the hypothesis (Taylor 2007, p. 19). This would not be like qualitative tools that first come up with an abstract idea that is followed by creation of theories and concepts about the idea. Lastly, data in quantitative research is believed to be hard and reliable as opposed to qualitative research where data would just be rich and deep. Due to this, the study would take a positivism kind of philosophy. A positivism approach would make the researcher understand more the impact of convergence or divergence of Chinese small companies on the performanc e of the economy of China globally (Crotty 2003, p. 9). Quantitative Research This research is occasionally referred to as factual knowledge and would employ conventional arithmetical and statistical representations to compute categorical results. Physical scientists usually exploit it, though social studies, education and finance have been identified to utilize this variety of study. Quantitative researches would make use of an average design, with a little insignificant inter-subject distinction of engendering a premise to be confirmed or refuted. This hypothesis should be verifiable by mathematical and arithmetical techniques and would be the foundation around which the entire research would be calculated. The design would permit randomization of any targeted clusters as well as to organize groups to be incorporated in the research if possible. A well-designed quantitative design would influence only one variable at ago, or else statistical examination turns out to be burdensome and open to queries. In an ideal world, quantitative study would be built in a way that permits others to replicate the research and get comparable outcomes. Quantitative design is believed to be an exceptional approach to confirm results and establish or invalidate a hypothesis. The design would be selected in this research since its configuration has not changed for many years, which means it is normal across numerous technical disciplines and subjects (Parsimonious). Subsequent to statistical investigation of the outcomes, an all-inclusive response would be arrived at and the outcome would be legally conferred and published. Quantitative research furthermore would sieve peripheral aspects if suitably planned and the outcomes achieved would be perceived to be authentic and equitable. Quantitative researches are useful for testing the results obtained by a series of qualitative tests, leading to an ultimate responseAdvertising Looking for proposal on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Ethical Implications Ethics is considered an important aspect of any research. Ethics would mean proper or professional research, which would be conducted in the best traditions of the discipline. The research would need to observe researcher-respondent relations, which deals with the welfare of the respondent. Honesty, sincerity, justice and responsibility should guide researcher-researcher relationships meaning there should be no criticism. It should not be based on polemic, personal biases or collective interests. Professional ethics means accuracy in data collection, data processing and application of relevant research methods. In this study, issues related to ethics would be addressed by giving relevant notice to the researched. The study population should also be amicably informed in order to get prepared for the study. To brief respondents is usually important because it could perhaps enhance reliability of the study. It would also be ethical to inform people before proceedin g to reseacrh on them. The findings should always be made public to the researched, as one way of ensuring morality in the study. Furthermore, the researcher should always observe research ethics by keeping away from criticism (Creswell 2003, p 40). Research Design There would be two key methods used to gather information in this proposal. The first one would be through a questionaire, which would be administered online to employees in various companies within the Chinese financial system. The questionaire would seek to capture various attutudes of employees regarding convergence or divergence of Chinese small companies. The questionnaire would have four Parts. The first part would seek to capture the biodata information of respondents. The second part would deal with the demography and gender of the respondents. This would be to ascertain the prevalence of views in varoius categories in order to ensure that if any differences would come about, then they would be captured in their d emographic space. The third part would deal with academic credentials and work experience of employees. The motivation for this section would come from the understanding that different sections of population would respond differently to change, based on age and academic credentials. The fourth part would delve on the specific issues relating to the convergence or divergence of Chinese small companies, starting from the understanding of the concept to the possible effects it would have on the economy. The questionaire would also employ a mix of open ended and closed ended questions to capture different aspects of issues studied. Open ended questions would be used because they give respondents more time to figure out their opinions, which would make them volunteer more information related to feelings, outlooks and comprehension of the subject. This would allow the researcher to understand the position of respondents as regards to their feelings towards convergence or divergence of Chi nese small companies (Wittner 2003, p. 12). Open ended questions would minimize some errors that could have been created in the course of research. Respondents would rarely forget answers if given an opportunity to respond freely. Furthermore, respondents could not ignore some questions because they must go through all of them. Open ended questions would generate data that could be used in data analysis by other researchers. In other words, they would allow secondary data analysis. On the other hand, closed-ended questions would be analyzed easily. That is why they would be used in this study. Each response could be coded for statistical interpretation. Nonetheless, closed-ended questions would be compatible with computer analysis package. The technique would be more specific meaning that its answers would be consistent in all conditions. This aspect would be impossible with open-ended questions because each respondent would be allowed to use his or her own words. Finally, closed-en ded questions would take less time to administer unlike open-ended questions, which would be detailed hence time consuming (Saunders, Lewis Thornhill 2009, p. 11). Rationale The questionnaire would be sent to respondents through the internet that is, the researcher would mail the questions to respective respondents. The researcher arrived at this decision after considering time and reseources. The method is costless and less time consuming. Furthmore, the method would allow respondents to reflect on the questions and answer them accurately. Employing research assistants would be problematic because of the complexity of the study. Many people would be reluctant to give their views freely. The method is ineffective because answers would not be independent. The respondent could not have filled the questions personally. Moreover, the method would be affected by the respondent’s level of literacy. One big disadvantage of the technique is that there would be no interaction between the researcher and the researched. This would mean that respondent’s reactions would not be captured. Reactions are important because they give more information regarding the feelings of respondents. Therefore, it was justifiable for the researcher to employ interviews to reinforce the survey method. Generally, the survey technique is considered more applicable where the researcher is interested in numbers, not deep feelings of the respondent. In this study, the researcher would be interested in identifying the number of employees who feel convergence or divergence of Chinese small companies would be the suitable method of acquiring global economic advantage (Xenos Moy 2007, p 34). List of References Blumberg, C Schindler, D 2008, Business Research Methods, New York, McGraw-Hill. Creswell, J 2003, Research design: Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches, Sage, Thousand Oaks. Crotty, M 2003, The Foundations of Social Research: meaning and perspective in the research process, Sage, London. Hakim, C 2000, Research Design: Sucessful Designs for Social and Economic Research, Routledge, New York. Kothari, R 2004, Research methodology: methods and techniques, New Age International, New Delhi. Saunders, M, Lewis, P Thornhill, A 2009, Research Methods for Business Students, Prentice Hall, Harlow. Seglin, J. 2003, The Right Thing: Conscious, Profit and Personal Responsibility in Today’s Business, Spiro Press, New York. Taylor, S 2007, Business Statistics, Palgrave Basingstoke. Wittner, P 2003, The European Generics Outlook: A Country-by-Country Analysis of Developing Market Opportunities and Revenue Defense Strategies, Datamonitor, London. Xenos, M Moy, P 2007, Direct and differential effects of the internet on political and civic engagement, Journal of communication, Vol. 57, no. 1, p 34. This proposal on Research design: Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches was written and submitted by user Cypher to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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The History of Mechanical Clocks

The History of Mechanical Clocks During most of the Middle Ages, from roughly 500 to 1500 A.D., technological advancement was at a virtual standstill in Europe. Sundial styles evolved, but they didnt move far from ancient Egyptian principles.   Simple Sundials   Simple sundials placed above doorways were used to identify midday and four tides of the sunlit day in the Middle Ages. Several types of pocket sundials were being used by the 10th century one  English model identified tides and even compensated for seasonal changes of the suns altitude.   Mechanical Clocks In the early to mid-14th century, large mechanical clocks began to appear in the towers of several Italian cities. There is no record of any working models preceding these public clocks that were weight-driven and regulated by verge-and-foliot escapements. Verge-and-foliot mechanisms reigned for more than 300 years with variations in the shape of the foliot, but all had the same basic problem: The period of oscillation depended heavily on the amount of driving force and the amount of friction in the drive so the rate was difficult to regulate. Spring-Powered Clocks   Another advancement was an invention by Peter Henlein, a German locksmith from Nuremberg, sometime between 1500 and 1510. Henlein created  spring-powered clocks.  Replacing the heavy drive weights resulted in smaller and more portable clocks and watches. Henlein nicknamed his clocks Nuremberg Eggs. Although they slowed down as the mainspring unwound, they were popular among wealthy individuals because of their size and because they could be placed on a shelf or table instead of hung from a wall. They were the first portable timepieces, but they only had hour hands. Minute hands didn’t appear until 1670, and clocks had no glass protection during this time. Glass placed over the face of a watch didn’t come about until the 17th century. Still, Henleins advances in design were precursors to truly accurate timekeeping.   Accurate Mechanical Clocks   Christian Huygens, a Dutch scientist, made the first pendulum clock in 1656. It was regulated by a mechanism with a natural period of oscillation. Although Galileo Galilei  is  sometimes credited with inventing the pendulum and he studied its motion as early as 1582, his design for a clock was not built before his death. Huygens pendulum clock had an error of less than one minute a day, the first time such accuracy had been achieved. His later refinements reduced his clocks errors to less than 10 seconds a day.   Huygens developed the balance wheel and spring assembly sometime around 1675  and it’s still found in some of todays wristwatches. This improvement allowed 17th-century watches to keep time to 10 minutes a day. William Clement began building clocks with the new anchor or recoil escapement in London in 1671. This was a substantial improvement over the verge because it interfered less with the motion of the pendulum.   In 1721, George Graham improved the pendulum clocks accuracy to one  second a day by compensating for changes in the pendulums length due to temperature variations. John Harrison, a carpenter and self-taught clockmaker, refined Grahams temperature compensation techniques and added new methods of reducing friction. By 1761, he had built a marine chronometer with the spring and a balance wheel escapement that had won the British governments 1714 prize offered for a means of determining longitude to within one-half  a degree. It kept time aboard a rolling ship to about one-fifth of a second a day, nearly as well as a pendulum clock could do on land, and 10 times better than required.   Over the next century, refinements led to Siegmund Rieflers clock with a nearly free pendulum in 1889. It attained an accuracy of a hundredth of a second a day and became the standard in many astronomical observatories. A true free-pendulum principle was introduced by R. J. Rudd around 1898, stimulating the development of several free-pendulum clocks. One of the most famous, the W. H. Shortt clock, was demonstrated in 1921. The Shortt clock almost immediately replaced Rieflers clock as a supreme timekeeper in many observatories. This clock consisted of two pendulums, one a slave and the other a master. The slave pendulum gave the master pendulum the gentle pushes it needed to maintain its motion, and it also drove the clocks hands. This allowed the master pendulum to remain free from mechanical tasks that would disturb its regularity. Quartz Clocks   Quartz crystal clocks replaced the Shortt clock as the standard in the 1930s and 1940s, improving timekeeping performance far beyond that of pendulum and balance-wheel escapements.   Quartz clock operation is based on the piezoelectric property of quartz crystals. When an electric field is applied to the crystal, it changes its shape. It generates an electric field when squeezed or bent. When placed in a suitable electronic circuit, this interaction between mechanical stress and electric field causes the crystal to vibrate and generate a constant frequency electric signal that can be used to operate an electronic clock display.  Quartz crystal clocks were better because they had no gears or escapements to disturb their regular frequency. Even so, they relied on a mechanical vibration whose frequency depended critically on the crystals size and shape. No two crystals can be precisely alike  with exactly the same frequency.   Quartz clocks continue to dominate the market in numbers because their performance is excellent and they are inexpensive. But the timekeeping performance of quartz clocks has been substantially surpassed by atomic clocks.   Information and illustrations provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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Investigation Tourism Marketing Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Investigation Tourism Marketing Report - Essay Example In 1976, the Tourism Society of England defined it as "Tourism is the temporary, short-term movement of people to destination outside the places where they normally live and work and their activities during the stay at each destination. It includes movements for all purposes."2 some components such as hotel room or accommodation for their visitors, coach and the variety of meals, even sometimes banking services also provided to the customer from this industry. The main aim of this report is to conduct an audit of the business environment (based on P.E.S.T & Porter's five forces model analysis) on Royal Bengal Airlines and conduct an Opportunity & Threat analysis on the basis of environmental audit and defining its service provided to its consumer and its marketing (partially) area from the country (Bangladesh) perspective. "A collaboration of a group of professionals who shared the same vision decided to be proactive and form RBA in early 2006. The team has evolved quickly and continues to grow from strength to strength. The founding members are UK based and come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring with them vast experiences from the business, academic and aviation world. The visionaries and the founders of RBA have been working towards this project since 1991. Due to various restrictions and limitations in the early nineties it was not possible to move the project forward"3. The growth in the Asian economy, in particular the travel sector within Southeast Asia, has created an opportunity in the market for a new airline. RBA was born as a direct result of this, with the aim of utilizing the potential development of the Asian market and turning this into a profitable and successful airline venture. To analyze the environment of RBA, it's needed to conduct an audit (based on PEST analysis and Fiv e force model analysis). "The simple acronym PEST (stand for political, economical, social and technological) serves well as an aide-memoire when considering the array of environmental forces influencing business activity. Pest analysis assembles a logical and comprehensive picture of the environment"4. By conducting an analysis (PEST) on RBA's environment, it has seen that the organization is in an excellent situation such as the political allaince between both country UK and Bangladesh is good enough to do business. Economic and Technological relation between these countries is higher such as Bangladesh export garments products to UK and Uk export technological product such as machineries, computers and other engineering technologies. As a result company takes economical (in the side of currency sharing) and technological advantage here. The social bond between two countries is higher as there is a cultural sharing and accepting tendency and RBA performing their Corporate Social Responsibility program in B angladesh. Afterbevluation it can be said that the PEST analysis goes in faovor of RBA. The another analysis is "Five Force Model analysis". "The Porter's 5 Forces tool is a simple but powerful tool for understanding where power lies in a business situation. This is useful, because it helps to understand both the strength of your current competitive position, and the strength of a position." Five Forces Analysis assumes that there are five important forces that determine competitive power in a situation. These are thoroughly given below: Supplier Power: It assesses how easy it is for suppliers to drive up prices. This is driven by the number of suppliers of each key input, the